About Jennifer

Jennifer is a ceramic artist based in Ireland. She studied ceramics at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin and has been working primarily with porcelain and bone china for a number of years. Recent exhibitions include; Homo Faber, Best of Europe exhibition in Venice Italy and Fired Earth, The Scottish Gallery Edinburgh, Scotland. She has been selected for Irish Craft Portfolio Critical Selection 2019/2020. Her work is included in the National Museum of Ireland Collection, The State Art Collection of Ireland and in numerous national and international private collections.

Jennifer makes hundreds of petal like ceramic pieces that are then stitched with translucent thread to form her sculpture. She is drawn to the beauty and subtlety of the natural world. Themes of fragility, ephemerality and translucency are central to her work. It is the rituals of making, the physical rhythms, the process and time involved that are the central aspects of her practice. The ethereal properties of porcelain, that she is drawn to, requires a certain delicacy and discipline. This slowness and repetition in her making process are essential components of the finished pieces.